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NPK 3-2-2

Amino Acid is a new type organic nitrogen fertilizer, it'sefficient, green fertilizer, made from residue of monosodium glutamate after pressing, using advanced production equipment, granulated under high temperature. It provides organic matter,Nitrogen and Potassium to the plant, improves soil fertility, promotes root growth, hence increases the yield, as well as quality.







Amino Acid


Organic Matter




Humic Acid




pH Value





Increase plant’s chlorophyll content and promote the photosynthesis.


Improve utilization of nutrients by overlay with other NPK fertilizer.


Can be absorbed by all parts of plant directly and also can promote plant growth, early maturity and delayed leaf senescence late crops, to increase production. Shorten the growth cycle of crop.


Improve crop quality and increase plant protein;


Clean, pollution-free and help improve the ecological environment.


Enhance metabolic function and adversity ability.











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